Friday, September 7, 2012


T.G.I.F. – That awesome feeling when you know that the weekend is here!
The impatient wait with drowsy eyes during those last fifteen minutes of the last class of the week is just spectacular to watch. I know that the weekend beckons us. I no longer have to get up at 7’o clock in the morning and prepare myself for a 8 hour long lecture session on anything and everything engineering can ever do in this world. I no longer have to curse my wing mates of other departments who almost don’t have any classes at all – as if it’s a diploma course they are pursuing. I no longer have to think twice before putting my hands on that bottle of beer. Seriously, thank God it’s Friday!! Over 30 classes a week including labs in the most hostile environments possible doesn’t make my week easy. Years back I thought engines are amazing stuff. Yeah they still are but it accompanies with itself quality ugly noise and sight! I stayed away from electronics and electrical because I hate circuits. Surprisingly, mechanical offered me with a circuit’s lab with some “awesome” supervisors and then sensors and image processing; are you kidding me! With 4 classes on one of the days one expects to have half day off. But what we are offered is every alternate class! Well we are mechies and we can work hard but that doesn’t mean you have to take away our relaxation time. :|
Again on the other hand, I can’t blame anyone for such torturous sessions. It’s me, who decided two years back to choose Mechanical and hence not live life the easy way! It’s royal – doesn’t matter whoever curses or praises us. We make the cars and bikes you dream off. If you boast about the chips and cellphones you make, I’m sorry, you don’t make them, the robots which we make, make them for you. If you boast of your beautiful buildings and architecture, we pump water and other necessities in them. If you boast of your electricity producing plants, well we make the turbines that generate the power. If you boast of the knowledge of ores and metals, we make all the mining technology you need to extract them. In short, it’s impossible without us. This is what makes us happy with all these frustrating moments around.
T.G.I.F. It’s relaxation time!

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